Rainy days not good for exercise

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The diet is still on track. Despite promising myself that I was not going to weigh myself until Thursday this week, on Sunday I could not resist the lure of the scales. I was very happy to note that I had lost another pound.

Unfortunately for me it has not stopped raining since Sunday and this mean my exercise plan (which very surprisingly, I was enjoying) has come to a halt. Oh how I wish I lived in a sunnier climate.

Even though I am following a low carb diet, every now and again some carbs find me. Last night it was a toastedĀ chicken and ham saladĀ  sandwich, with light mayo and no butter. I figure that I am on a low carb diet, not a no carb diet, but if I am to include bread, it should really be the lower carb variety, not a standard supermarket white loaf.
At present I think I am most proud of my lack of alcohol consumption. I am sure that a lack of beer and wine in my diet is a good contributor to the initial success of my diet.

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