Protein and Weight Loss

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I have decided that taking a 2 mile walk three times a day is a bit impractical, so I am aiming for doing it twice (weather permitting).

Yesterday I did get in my three walks, and stuck to my low cab, high protein diet. I have found omelette makers a real help for my breakfast, which I tend to have around 11am.  Two eggs, a little ham and some cheese in an omelette maker really does the trick, and it is so easy.

I snacked on nuts, which are really too high in calories and salt to be very useful, but they are a great high protein convenient snack when you are craving carbs. And when I crave something sweet, I have an Atkins protein bar. (To my shame I scoffed two yesterday.)  To finish off, dinner was a skinless chicken breast, two slices of ham, and some cheese, accompanied by some cucumber slices, low fat mayo and half a tomato. 

After all my walking and my low carb diet, I did feel that the weight should have dropped off me yesterday and so I could not resist a peak at the scales this morning. No change in the last few days, but I suppose you should only really weigh yourself once a week. I think Thursday should be my weigh in day. I will try and hold off again until then.

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