Gyms phobia and weight loss

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Yesterday I rejoined the gym. I quit last year mainly to save money. However, a lack of space at home to exercise combined with the appalling UK weather, means that I am now thirty nine pounds a month poorer. Later on today I will have to endure another pointless induction programme. This consists of a track- suited employee telling me how to use all the weights and equipment that I will never again touch. I only want to use the treadmill and the cross trainer. I have no intention of setting foot in that weight room with all those buff types, it is way too intimidating.

Last night I had a little bit of a binge. Sugar cravings got hold of me and I ate two shortbread biscuits, an Atkins chocolate bar and a small portion of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I felt bad, especially as today is my weigh in day. Of course this binge has yet to show on the scales and my weight has remained the same as it did on my last sneak weigh in. Can I go a whole week this time without getting on the scales?


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