Gym horrors and losing weight

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Tomorrow is weigh- in day. I last weighed myself a week ago and was pleased to note that I had lost three pounds in a week since joining the gym. At present I am going twice daily to the gym and my target is to burn off 300 calories on each visit. On Saturdays I go once, and on Sunday I take a break. On Sunday morning I have a full English Breakfast as a treat; but as this consists of mainly protein, it does not seem to interfere with my weight loss.

This last week I have stuck to my low carb diet. The diet consists mainly of meat and quiche plus veg, with one serving a day of bran fibre, a banana and a handful of raisins. So far this diet seems to be working well. I rarely feel hungry. I have also included unlimited amounts of Green Tea and Camomile Tea to keep me hydrated and to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Tomorrow I am really hoping for another three pound weight loss, but I will be content with two if that is all I have managed to achieve. Of course what I would love is a four pound loss, but then I have high expectations. If I manage less than a two pound weight loss then I seriously will have to question how much impact my punishing exercise is having on my quest to lose weight. Of course there is a small caveat to this, I know that exercise will build muscle and this weights more than fat, so at some point I will plateau.

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