Fat and thin diet choices

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I have been going to the gym every day. And I have also been motivating myself by watching programmes such as “I used to be fat!” The only problem with these programmes is that they are totally unrealistic in the real world. I don’t have a personal trainer on hand, I don’t have constant medical supervision of my training and I don’t have six hours a day to train. 

I am aiming to burn off 500 cals a day, but today I decided to see if I could get close to 1000. Over doing it is not good; and in the long run it only puts you off exercise due to injury and damage. Therefore, I will be returning to my 500 cals a day goal.

I only wish I had a trainer and a personal chef to help me through the next 8 weeks of torture. My next weigh in day is Thursday, only three days away. And if I have not lost any weight, I will be very disappointed.

My diet is now more varied than the very low carb version that I started off with. I was really craving some fruit and veg, so this has been added. Last night I had a skinless chicken breast boiled with lemon and a salad, which was surprisingly tasty.  For lunch I have had half a chicken breast and salad. I am ditching the lovely peanuts that I have been snacking on, and going to try eating smaller meals more frequently. I am also adding a blend of herbal tea which is serving to reduce the appetite.

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