Tea Tree skin wash for a deep clean feeling

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When it has been a long day and you feel hot and sticky, there is nothing like a shower to perk you up.  And one of the best products around to help you feel really clean and refreshed is Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Skin Wash. Australian Bodycare

This product has a nice clean smell and is suitable for all the family to use. Its unisex packing appeals to both men and women, meaning that at last you can have just one product in the bathroom to use rather than lots of  branded male and female shower gels.

The two percent tea oil content gives this skin wash antiseptic properties, and this inhibits the  growth of bacteria on the skin which may cause body odour and skin breakouts.

One of the best outlets to get this product is QVC as they sometimes do large half litre bottles which offer a real saving.


Allison Galpin

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