Pressed Mineral Powder for Delicate Skin

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A review of mineral powder makeup from the Green People.

I am on a quest to find more natural makeup solutions. I have nothing against more traditional brands, in fact I use them regularly, but if I can find a natural product that performs well, I like to give it a try.

Mineral make up is all the rage, but not all mineral make up is equal. In a previous article ( Mineral makeup; is it really good for the skin?), I examined the use of Bismuth Oxychloride, a known irritant, in mineral makeup preparations.  So I was very relieved to learn that the Green People don’t use Bismuth in their mineral powder. In fact, their philosophy is to use natural and organic ingredients and to avoid harsh and unnecessary chemicals in their skin care and makeup preparations.Pressed Mineral Powder

I tested the pressed mineral powder in a Caramel shade. This is a three in one product, as it’s a foundation, powder and an SPF 15 sunscreen. It’s free from Parabens, Mineral Oils and Silicones and is recommended for those with a delicate sensitive skin.

The powder has a smooth consistency and went on evenly. I was surprised at how good the coverage was, and generally I was very impressed. I felt that I could have benefited with a light bronzer to warm up the skin tone a little, but I note that the Green People have thought of that and stock a pressed mineral powder in a Maple shade which they suggest can be used as a bronzer. I would recommend the use of a kabuki brush for an even application, and as it happens, the Green People sell a rather stylish looking kabuki brush with a bamboo handle.

There are three shades to choose from in this pressed powder range: Maple, Honey and Caramel.  I chose the Caramel shade as this product has yellow undertones and is great for calming down the look of skin which is prone to redness.  In fact, I would recommend this product just for that property alone. If you have thread veins, rosacea, or are just prone to redness on the skin, then this would be an excellent product to use.  The Caramel shade would be great to sweep over your face on top of your existing foundation to counteract any redness; it’s great to use over the eyelids to even out skin tone, and is perfect for correcting any heavy handed blush application. So it is  for these reasons I suggest that this product is a ” must buy.” It’s versatility in your makeup bag means that this mineral powder pays for itself.

Priced at £20.45 at the time of writing, the Green People‘s Pressed Mineral Powder is priced well compared to other brands, and is well worth investing in. You can view the range of mineral powders on offer from ther Green People’s website here, and the  Caramel Pressed Mineral Powder is available by clicking the following link

Allison Galpin

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