Annabel Karmel teaches children to cook

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Annabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel, nutrition expert and host of the children’s TV cookery series Annabel’s Kitchen, is challenging children to move into the kitchen and cook for the family.

Annabel believes that cooking is fun and a vital life skill that should be taught from an early age. She goes on to say that children as young as eight or nine are more that capable of or preparing a meal if properly supervised.

Allowing children into the kitchen to help prepare a meal once a week gives children a sense of achievement; and is a fantastic way to teach children about household budgets and managing a project. Children enjoy a sense of self-worth and the satisfaction of having produced a meal from scratch.

Annabel says, “It is a very important responsibility to be able to feed yourself and others, and one which cannot be learned too early,” She added that some parents today fight shy of getting their offspring to take on some responsibility, yet this is not helpful in the long-run.

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