The Apprentice – Jim Eastwood and his Jedi like control

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Apprentice candidate Jim Eastwood gave another impressive performance in the second episode of the Apprentice. In an Apprentice first, Jim managed to convince project manager Leon Doyle to change his mind about bringing him back into the board room to face the firing line. With skill that can only be compared to a Jedi Knight, Jim Eastwood told project manager Leon that he had made a mistake and to change his mind, which amazingly he duly did. Had Jim been brought back into the boardroom, there could have been a very different outcome.

Jim once again has shown that he is a competent sales negotiator. During a sales pitch headed by super smooth candidate Vincent Disneur, Jim had the wherewithal to jump in and save the crumbling pitch. However, in a subsequent pitch, even Jedi Jim could not overcome objections from one particular website that the Slangatang App could be seen as offensive by some, thereby showing that Jim’s mind altering powers are not infallible. That said, Jim Eastwood is certainly one to watch in this exciting 2011 Apprentice show.

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