Supermarket Bans Pyjamas

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pyjamasSupermarket Tesco (branded Fresh and Easy in the USA) have banned pyjamas; or rather shopping in them. In a world of twenty four hour shopping it appears you still have to get dressed to do the grocery shopping, or risk being thrown out by a doorman.

A branch of Tescos in Cardiff has put a sign up advising shoppers to come appropriately dressed, or risk being escorted off the premises. It appears a number of local mothers were popping in to the store early in the morning still in their nightwear.

Is this a trend peculiar to Britain? Well in some Caribbean countries I have visited, women often go out in their hair curlers, and in Hong Kong, where I once lived, I often saw people shopping in their pyjamas after they had done their morning tai chi work out.

I myself have been known to do the school run in my “jim jams,” (but always with other clothes thrown over the top. I guess convenience shopping just isn’t what it used to be!

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