Jim Eastwood, The Apprentice Frontrunner

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In the third episode of The Apprentice 2011, Jim Eastwood shone again. His team won by a narrow £8-00 in the third task which was all about procuring items for the Savoy Hotel. Jim’s smooth negotiations with a meat vendor saw him not only secure the meat required at a discounted price, but also obtain a last minute further £10.00 reduction, which helped to ensure that his team won the task.

What was truly amazing was the way that Jim Eastwood could sweet talk a reduction in price without offending anyone. His Northern Irish charm seems to disable those around him, and before they know it, Jim has walked away with yet another bargain.

Jim puts his ability to negotiate down to the fact that he is a people person. He stated, “ I don’t know what rapport is. If I could bottle it, I would sell it.”

It would appear that Alan Sugar is aware of Jim’s special skills, and has commented on his, Lord Sugar Twitter, account that Jim’s negotiation style was “ simply brilliant.” However, it has to be noted, that in this series on The Apprentice, Alan Sugar clearly states that he is not looking for a salesman. So it remains to be seen if apprentice Jim can demonstrate that there is more to him than his disarming Irish charm.

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