Eighteen Millions Brits not going on a Summer Holiday

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Florida BeachIt’s been reported that more than eighteen million Britons will forgo a summer vacation this year due to the economic climate. Fears about unemployment, rising food costs and general inflation mean that the recession has taken its toll on the annual family holiday.

A survey of two thousand people has also indicated, that of those who can afford to take a break, it is likely that spending will be curbed with less money spent on dining out. The research indicated that the traditional two week vacation will be replaced by shorter breaks to save money. So that means that idyllic trips to Florida beaches and Disneyworld are out, with those who can get abroad, favouring  short all inclusive packages to save money.

ING Bank, who commissioned the survey, say that it is clear people are paying down debts in this difficult economic time. This means that there is less money around for a family holiday.

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