Disney World Secrets – how to save money and have fun on your family vacation

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Family vacations are time for fun. And nowhere offers more fun and enjoyment than Disney World in Florida. Disney appeals to the child in all of us. But travelling with children can be stressful whatever the destination, and theme parks can be exhausting and expensive. That is if you don’t know how to minimise the costs.

When planning your Disney vacation one of the fundamental questions that needs to be addressed, is where to stay? Should you stay on site at a Disney Hotel, or could the family save money by staying at cheaper accommodation in the international drive area?

Pirate PictureIf you can afford it, you should stay on site. The convenience of being able hop on a short bus ride to any of the theme parks or Downtown Disney is not to be underestimated. Make no mistake, walking around huge parks with young children is very tiring, but if you stay on site you can pop back and forth to the hotel for breaks and even use the brilliant crèche facilities and maintain the holiday theme.

But just how do you make the whole experience more affordable so that you can stay on site if you wish, and avoid collapsing into an exhausted heap at the end of the day?

Well the answer is simple. A former Disney employee has written a book telling you how to make the most of your Disney World vacation and reduce the costs. She explains little known secrets, about where to snag the best bargains, get the best deals, and save thousands of dollars.

Beth Howarth compared the travel of two similar families, staying at the same Disney Hotel, who ate the same restaurants and attended the same show; but showed how one family saved more than half the cost on their Disney family vacation.

The author and former Disney cast member says that some families are needlessly throwing their money away, because they don’t know any better. (Did you know that a family of five can sleep in some Disney World hotels, but many travel agents won’t book your accommodation that way because they make more money booking two separate rooms? Did you also know that Disney won’t guarantee adjoining rooms to families, so if you do end up booking separate rooms you may spend your vacation traipsing back and forth from room to room on different floors.) None of this is much fun, it can be expensive and spoil the family vacation that you have waited all year for.

Find out how to make the most of your Disney vacation by reading the Disney World Savings guide. This book is not available in a hardcopy, you can get it as an instant downloadable e-book, and what is more the book is continually revised to provide the most up to date information. Once you have copy, any time the guide is updated, you will be sent a revision copy free of charge you can continue saving on your Disney vacation for years to come.

Author and travel writer Beth Haworth starts her money saving Disney tips right from the get go. Readers of her guide are given an exclusive discount code to purchase the cheapest available park hopper tickets online.

To see these money saving tips put into action by American news reporters, and to get more information on how to purchase the Disney Words Savings Guide visit click here.

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