Bamboo the new fashion accessory

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bamboo tshirt

Bamboo is not normally associated with fashion. Indeed we are more used to seeing it on furniture. But recently bamboo  has made a name for itself as a great basis for creating breathable fabric which inhibits odour formation. This makes it a great choice for items such as socks and T shirts.

Bamboo is soft to touch, lightweight and increasing in popularity as a choice for fabric blends; even rivalling tradition cotton blends, which have recently seen huge prices increased worldwide.

Wear Chemistry has chosen to use bamboo in their latest fashion range. The brand prides itself on its eco friendly status, and it is using organic bamboo, which it claims has a lower impact on the environment than traditional cotton farming. Their innovatively designed  t- shirts use a 70% bamboo, 30% cotton blend.

Wear Chemistry has come up with a stylish collection of t-shirts which not only look great, but are also comfortable to wear; something not normally associated with eco friendly products.

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